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Kagari is a Kunoichi devoted to the restoration of the Katana household. She holds great feelings for her master. Her house revival plan is to build a castle and flag to attract people without masters or wards to rally under them.

Powers and Ability'sEdit

She can use the special technique Shintaigō, which makes her body as strong and tough as steel. Kagari cannot use it unless the "person she wishes to exchange kisses with" lays his eyes upon her, in her case Raizō.

She also possess immense strength, being able to lift rocks 3 times her size and build a castle in only 3 days.


Rizou find her almost drowning in a river and saves her, when she wakes she tells him that she's his servant and he is an emperor, and she introduces him to her clan of female ninjas who are devoted to restoring his family name.

Later at the climax of the seires, her enemy Seigan kidnaps her and alters her memories so that Raizo And Seigans Roles Switch In Her Mind, however she gets Confused When Seigan Takes Her As A Hostage To Protect Himself From Raizo And Threatens To Kill Her, as aresult of her "loved one" doing this, She Turns Into Stone due to the "Jataigo", but When Raizo Confesses His Love Too her she Comes Back To Life and kills Seigan, Breaking The Spell he had over his 100 Flowers Kunoichi, Raizo's Quest To Revive His Family Ends Because due to Seigan's death, He Gets Seigan's Land And Castle, much to Kagari's joy.